Wall Cavities – Exterior wall leaks caused these two areas of mold growth. There were no visible signs of leaks (stains, mold, etc.) on the sheetrock walls before they were removed. The homeowners had complained of having respiratory problems whenever they were at home.

Bathroom Sink Cabinet – The homeowners had never noticed this significant mold growth. The water intrusion was from a cracked sink. Mold in Utility Room

Utility Room – This wall had wallpaper on it and there were no signs of moisture issues (stains, mold, etc.) until the wallpaper was removed. There were no plumbing leaks. The Utility room did not have an A/C supply vent/duct, which permitted elevated relative humidity levels due to the washer and dryer being used. The wallpaper trapped the moisture and subsequent mold growth developed.

Contents Inside of a Closet - The homeowners kept their A/C thermostat set at 80 degrees, which resulted in escalated relative humidity in the house. Areas with limited ventilation in the house such as the closets with closed doors had contents with mold growth.

Closet Wall Mold Closet Wall – The homeowners were not aware of this mold because they had shelves in front of it. The water intrusion was from a leaking shower pan where the bathroom was located on the other side of the closet.

Air Conditioner Air Conditioner – The plenums and ducts for this malfunctioning HVAC system had significant mold growth. The homeowners had complained of respiratory issues when they were at home.

Kitchen Sink Cabinet Kitchen Sink Cabinet – The housekeeper for an elderly couple never mentioned the significant mold growth. The cause of the water intrusion was from a plumbing leak.

Living Room Wall Living Room Wall – The homeowners did not know this significant mold growth was present because their couch was in front of it. A leak in the exterior stucco wall caused this to occur.

Wall Cavity Wall Cavity – A plumbing leak caused this mold growth inside the wall of an office building. There were no visible signs of leaks (stains, mold, etc.) on the sheetrock before it was removed. Employees in this office had complained of headaches and coughing when they were at work.