About Us

Able Environmental

Able Environmental was established in 2004 and provides mold testing, mold assesments and moisture diagnostics in Houston, TX and the surrounding counties. Our mold inspectors /consultants have over 30 years experience and have performed approximately 3000 mold inspections for residential, commercial and educational buildings since 1985. We also do mold testing when an inspection is not necessary. We are based in Spring. We are state licensed and have both General Liability and Errors & Omissions insurance

Mold Inspections and Assessments are conducted for the following purposes:

  • Flooding, plumbing, builder defect moisture resulting in wet building materials. These incidents often result in mold growth within a few days of the initial water intrusion. We normally can determine if mold growth is present inside of walls.
  • Pre-purchase of real estate properties. It is better to know about moisture and mold issues before the purchase of a house or property is made.
  • Pre-sale of real estate properties. If a mold or moisture problem is suspected it is better to have the issue rectified before the house or property is listed for sale.
  • Homeowner or occupant complaints of allergy or respiratory symptoms that is prevalent when the individual is inside the home or building.
  • Musty odors that have been recently detected inside the premises.
  • Follow-up inspection after a home or building has been remediated to ensure that the mold issue has been rectified.
  • Medical professional referral.
  • Third party liability issue.
  • Legal and technical assistance.

  • Mold Inspections and Assessments include the following services:

  • A diligent visual inspection of the exterior and interior often including the attic. The inspection includes the search for mold growth, current water leaks or intrusion, evidence of prior incidents and potential future issues. In addition, moisture meter readings are taken on the walls, cabinets and other surfaces around all lavatories, showers, appliances, and any suspect areas. Water leaks can promote mold growth and should be fixed.
  • Air samples are collected and analyzed by an independent and licensed laboratory that identifies the quantity and species of mold spores. An elevated mold spore count from an indoor air sample indicates that mold growth is present somewhere in the residence.
  • When a wet or stained wall is present, a wall cavity air sample can be collected to ascertain the presence of mold growth inside the wall (normally single hole, 3/8 inch in diameter must be drilled).
  • Surface sampling to identify the type of mold is available when necessary.
  • Written report and easy to understand laboratory analysis. An assessment of the indoor air quality relating to mold is provided. Problem areas in the residence or building are identified that may contribute to future mold infestation.
  • Practical communication with clients. In the event that a mold problem is evident our inspectors will explain that it is not normally so critical to the extent that occupants should vacate the home or building. Clients should understand that problems can often be rectified with minimal effort and expense.

  • When needed, remediation protocols can be drafted in the event that a significant mold issue has been identified and the home or building requires a remediation contractor. State licensed remediation contractors are required to perform the remediation pursuant to the instructions and guidelines from the remediation protocols.