Benefits of Using Infrared Technology

Bill Loftus, TREC# 8393

Infrared thermography is the easiest and quickest method to detect surface moisture in buildings and homes. An infrared camera shows exactly where the problems are and helps focus the inspectors' attention allowing him or her to properly diagnose the problem areas in a nondestructive manner. This technology is a great tool to locate excessive moisture in hidden areas such as inside walls, woodwork, ceilings, etc. Wet building materials like sheetrock and wood are viable food sources for mold. “Able Environmental” has a Certified Level II Thermographer that utilizes the newest Flir Infrared Camera and FLIR´s Thermal Fusion Technology – The Thermal Fusion functionality allows for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images. This advanced technology enhances the value of an infrared image by allowing you to overlay it directly over the corresponding visible image.

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