Wall Cavities

Exterior wall leaks caused these two areas of mold growth...

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Bathroom Sink Cabinet

The homeowners had never noticed this significant mold growth...

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Utility Room

This wall had wallpaper on it and there were no signs of moisture issues...

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State Licensed, Certified, Insured

Able Environmental Inspections

Able Environmental was established in 2004 and provides mold testing, mold assesments and moisture diagnostics in Houston, TX and the surrounding counties. Our mold inspectors /consultants have over 30 years experience and have performed approximately 3000 mold inspections for residential, commercial and educational buildings since 1985. We also do mold testing when an inspection is not necessary. We are based in Spring. We are state licensed and have both General Liability and Errors & Omissions insurance.

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Able Environmental's Inspection Process